Thursday, October 31, 2013


These (link below) are the currently completed and published works for the AUDIODIDACTS (USA).  An experimental alternative electronic hiphop group based out of Eagan, MN 55122.  Members are Playa Half Dead (PHD) & Transient Luminous Autodidact (TLA).  The group was conceived in 2012, projected first album launch expected late 2014 through Cipher-Tu Productions (C2p).












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CONTROL (Official Launch!)

The new song by the Audiodidacts titled: CONTROL has arrived festively, check it out!



Audiodidacts October 2013Control (Exclusive Single Artwork)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Control (Song Launch in 24hrs)

The exclusive single CONTROL launches tomorrow afternoon! Watch for update around 3pm. TLA & PHD

Saturday, October 19, 2013



The month of September was the lightest month in regard to production hours completed.  With a combined total of 200h (hours) completed, this is the lowest month total in over 14 months of our tracking.  The most recent low month was November 2012 with 222h, still that was significantly higher then September of this year (2013).  There has been a bit of wear and tear from a spiritual/engery standpoint and we have decided to reduce our monthly goal from 240h to 220h to ensure a healthy production ambience and that the wear and tear of working too much does not bleed into our finalized art form.  The Audiodidacts (PHD & TLA) are still working very diligently on work titled: CONTROL.  From inception up to completion and launch projected to occur on 10/31/13, the production life time of this work would be nearly 4 months which is the longest amount of time we have ever invested in any of our songs (going from memory on this one but I am sure I would have remembered anything that took longer.)  This one song took more time to make then a full mix tape would have (or nearly 15 "THE DOORS" albums)!  We encourage all who read this to set the date and take a listen, the song will blow your mind.  We will release all masters on youtube soon after the original is published around 5:00 p.m. CST (i.e. trick-or-treat time).  We will also launch the initial demo to illustrate the "before & after" difference of our production process here at Cipher-Tu Productions.  On another project note, TLA is still stuck in an extended pause when it comes to the dance album.  Officially the album is 50% complete or i.e. half of the tracks that will be on the album are fully mastered with multiple masters for various project placements.  I do wish to complete two more songs that merely need vocal elements and some final touches, hopefully I will be able to complete the two songs by end of 2013.  I will strive hard to release the dance album in 2014 however I am starting to think a 2015 launch would be more feasible.  WHAT?!?  Oh hell yes I will go 6 years into an album from inception to completion!  All for now, tootleyfriggindooskies and see you on the next one!!!

Cipher-Tu Productions

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Audiodidacts Update 10/10/13

Well PHD and myself have invested over three months into our present song currently in production.  The work titled: CONTROL is one of our finest pieces of audio organization to date for both he and I.  We were not going to launch any more songs until our album, but based on the massive quality of this work, we have decided to launch this one more song prior to silencing ourselves until a full length album has been completed.  This next launch of the song titled: CONTROL will be our final launch in 2013 and will include a releasing of all masters including the before production demos.  The difference from demo to completion with this song is so amazing, again perhaps one of our greatest pieces of audio production to date.  I composed the beat, PHD wrote the lyrics, and both of us did absolutely everything else from the ground up (except make the audio gear we used).  NO SAMPLES, all original unique style hard to label as any one genre, watch for links to this song coming this Halloween, I plan to launch the original mix after I watch curse of Chucky, real talk.  Thank you, stay tuned!


Saturday, September 28, 2013



This report marks the first of the "Monthly" reports we will be posting in regard to our production hours for each month.  We decided to navigate away from our usual "Weekly" reporting due to the amount of time needed to compile and implement based on our current technology and techniques.  The monthly reporting will allow us to invest more time into developing our products.  We will strive to launch a report for each month within the first week of the month to follow, this is mostly just to allow us to keep an eye on our progress and set goals while giving you a technical perspective of our invested time and how it is dispersed over multiple tasks associated with the art of audio production.  For August 2013, we paid heavy dues in the areas of recording and engineering.  Audiodidacts continue to develop their latest song which has been, since it's inception, a two month journey.  "The standards are higher and thus we must work harder in each area of our production process to ensure that the quality we so desire is not only attainable, but readily available to be heard and observed by anyone listening to any of our works."  The TLA dance album has been rather slow to develop, however two works with recently engineered beats will make fine contributions and the album is 60% complete.  We look to complete 2-3 works in October 2013 for C2p as a whole. Two albums still pending (TLA & Audiodidacts), the projected releases are to come some time in 2014, sorry but this will be in stone once finalized so it must all be just right, "There ain't a knob for it once it is mastered" [source: some audio engineer somewhere].  Heres to another wonderful fall (cling, sip, gulp), take care and see you next time!  Oh and a special shot out to PHD for sticking with me and the label even though I can be a bit of a fruit at times, just trying to be a unique artist like M0rris0n, but without the stealing of poetry, thank you!

Cipher-Tu Productions!topic/cipher2/GFKv_e4x3xg

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [8/5/13-8/11/13]

Here we had one of those standard weeks of engineering where 34.5h (hours) was invested to strengthening the quality of our product.  C2p was successful in completing the engineering of the initial instruments for two works (songs).  A TLA dance song and an Audiodidacts song are currently in the process of being produced.  We  look to complete both songs this month however, as mentioned in previous weekly updates, we will not be releasing any more music for a while and our promotions will be very low, if any, until our full length album is ready to launch.  A special kudos goes to PHD for holding down the networking aspect with each week!  Next week we look forward to practicing our lyrical performance for the new Audiodidacts song, we have some new gear to help us with analyzation and muscle memory in assuming the archetypal gestures (i.e. holding the dynamic mic in hand as is done on stage).  Let us continue, see you next time!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Process (RHY's 0->1) [Dynamics Settings]

It has been determined that our use of compression has been a bit bolder than we would like so today I have been assessing the situation as I work on engineering some RHY's.  In order to ensure that we are not over utilizing the compression tool, it is requested that the following process be put into play immediately.

1) When engineering RHY's 0->1, utilize doubling, dynamics and a graphic eq.  If you run out of graphic eq's do to the amount of tracks to be printed, simply apply doubling and dynamics for the print (usually there are two tracks left without a graphic eq for the first print.).

2) For the dynamics, keep the ratio at the lemniscate (infinite, 00) and attack at 0.  To find the appropriate release level, set the thresh to a bold setting such as -15db and ride the release pot to find the right setting.  When the release setting is chosen, THEN *set the thresh to a level >= -5db (greater than or equal to -5db where -6db is less than).  We will NEVER set the thresh level less then -5db (ie -5.1, -6,-7,-8,etc) unless there is a production need to do so in order to achieve a desired result beyond this new standards realm of capability.

3) The GR meter will not be utilized in the same manner as we have been using it for, from here on out the GR meter should NOT display ANY signal whatsoever.  If the thresh has been set to an appropriate setting (*within the criteria described in step #2), and the GR meter IS showing movement, we will need to reduce the thresh until there is NO movement in the GR meter.  (There will be situations where the GR meter may display movement and a decision is made to proceed, operator discretion is advised and granted but the standard has been set as a general rule of thumb, thus no blanket statements yet again.)

RECAP, we will go over this in the studio as well because this may seem a bit confusing from a readers standpoint.  Basically when we engineer RHY's from steps 0 through 1, we will utilize the dynamics but never set the thresh below -5db to ensure integrity of sound while still achieving the desired positive effects the compressor has to offer.

Please reply with any questions or concerns you may have in regard to this new modification to our process.  This is something we have talked about time and again and I think this enhancement will bring us closer to the direction we want to go in, ensuring we are not destroying the quality of our works by over utilizing the compressor.

Thank you for your time!

Cipher-Tu Productions!topic/cipher2/1sZQ_Fk4_z4

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/29/13-8/4/13]

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/29/13-8/4/13]

We have successfully completed yet another standard week in audio production!  The team totaled 61.75h (hours) averaging a strong 8.82h per day!  Our goal continues to remain at 30h per person and we look to continue this goal for some time.  TLA has begun a new solo dance song and the Audiodidacts have begun their 8th work as an official group.  Once we have completed launching the remaining audio videos of Urgent, we will refrain from launching any more exclusive singles until we have completed our first album.  Engineering was the chief task of the week even though sequencing was projected to be the leader.  Next week we look to venture into more engineering duties with two instrumentals in the process of being engineered.  We are approaching our 1000h for the year soon and we may hit that number before September!  Well done and great fun, see you next time!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/22/13-7/28/13]

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/22/13-7/28/13]

This week in production reflects the type of numbers we strive to see with every week, consistent and slightly above goal.  Both PHD & TLA surpassed their goals and the team reached a total of 62.75h (hours) achieving a combined average of 8.96 hours per day!  Sequencing was the major task consumer allocating 33% of our duties executed.  We were successful in arranging the instruments for our newest Audiodidacts song (name and content confidential per vault mode in preparation for the upcoming debut album yet to be named officially).  We were also successful in completing a recording session of the instruments from the synth into the mixer.  We have picked up some new tricks in navigation and editing (e.g. phrase divide), and we have also attested to the fact that our process feels more efficient and streamlined, an ever evolving improvement felt throughout each week.  For the first C2p dance album currently in production, TLA was able to finish up basic sequencing for a new dance song, a basic arrangement has been burned and will be studied prior to programming the official arrangement.  Well this was another great week and I am looking forward to the next one.  Well done and thank you!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/15/13-7/21/13]

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/15/13-7/21/13]

This week was a bit of a struggle in regard to reaching our team goal which we were shy of by just 1.75h (hours).  A strong 53h for the week was tracked and we finally launched the long awaited work titled: URGENT.  We also began our journey sequencing the instruments for our newest Audiodidacts song.  TLA has also begun a journey in sequencing a new dance song as well.  We will refrain from announcing new song names in current production and also take a step back from launching exclusive singles for a while so we will still have a bunch of fresh tracks when the album is launched some time in 2014.  Great fun and well done, see you on the next one!


Sunday, July 21, 2013


This youtube playlist currently houses 7 of our completed songs for the AUDIODIDACTS.  I will update this playlist and add new songs as they are available.  Check it out, take care!  TLA

C2p YEARLY REPORT [7/1/2012-6/30/2013]

C2p YEARLY REPORT [7/1/2012-6/30/2013]

This was an outstanding year for audio production!  The team (TLA & PHD) logged a grand total of 3,178h (hours) crushing their yearly goal by 550h!  During this time period we were able to complete 4 TLA dance songs, 4 Audiodidacts songs and also finish up some new exclusives totaling 4 songs to make a grand total of 12 tracks!  We have also been evolving our process with each work.  Our current standards are very efficient but still we manage to make improvements continuously to how we go about our productions.  Our attention to quality is very high and we have invested much time in each production aspect in order to ensure a strong final result.  As we can see in the numbers, our engineering task takes up the majority of our time so we will focus on that area to see if we can ween out any redundancies in our process and try to enhance the turn around time for our duties within engineering.  Still though with the demands of engineering being so high, it is not unusual to see a 26% allocation of this task and the multitude of duties within.  I think if we can strive to try and keep our time in engineering under 25% as a future yearly goal will be reasonable however we must ensure quality is never sacrificed and we do not skip over and leave stones left unturned.  Kudos to the team for it's continued diligence and vehement dedication to the culture and experience of this journey.  Thank you for this wonderful saga and you are all appreciated!  See you next time!


Urgent [Exclusive Single] (Audio)

Here is our newest dance song. Give it a listen! TLA

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/8/13-7/14/13]

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/8/13-7/14/13]

Phenomenal!  With a combined 82.25h (hours), the team crushed their goal by 22.25h making this the strongest week so far for the year!  Both TLA and PHD surpassed their goals significantly.  PHD crushed his goal of 30h reaching 37h, TLA surpassed his goal of 30h reaching a crazy 45.25h and perhaps his best week of the year so far.  Also, PHD put in a staggering 21.25h in engineering for the week so kudos on the diligence in the art of mixing!  More time does not necessarily mean "better" per se', still our work this week was fruitful and beneficial.   We were finally able to complete URGENT (which the long time to finish was a bit awkward based on the name of the song!), this song is set to launch next week on all networking channels.  Next week we will begin a new Audiodidacts song but we may be entering what we call "Vault Mode" which basically means we will not be launching a song immediately after it is finished.  It is still unofficial but I am fairly certain we will begin to stack songs until a full length album is finished.  After all, we have talked a lot but still have no product.  The truth is that we invest aprox. 60 days of production on a song to ensure enhanced quality and also grants us the cherished experience in the art of our culture.  In the beginning we had a choice, either make 1000 songs or make 60 really good songs very well produced and engineered.  Clearly we chose the latter, and the album persists to not exist as a result of our work ethic and lack of man/woman power.  We are past halfway through completion of a new album and have a team goal to launch in 2014 regardless of the month, we will give it what we got!  Thank you and see you on the next one!


Monday, July 15, 2013

URGENT launch!!!

We have finally completed the new electrip dance song URGENT, launch this week! TLA & PHD

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/1/13-7/7/13]

The new production trackers and updates have been implemented and they are colorful indeed!  We will now have a more accurate representation of how our time is divested by which we can better determine our decision making and planning.  URGENT is taking some time but we are learning to utilize the KP3+ and we admit it is not as user friendly as previously assumed.  Still however the device is fairly easy in nature to utilize and we should build our abilities as time and experience take a toll.  TLA reached his goal surpassing it and PHD had some difficulties making this one of his lightest weeks to date.  Next week, the team should be able to surpass their goal of 60h (hours).  We may be able to complete URGENT as well but I would assume we would need to colab THURS, SAT & SUN to make that an even slight possibility.  Well done, great work and good times, see you next week!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

C2p 7 DAY UPDATE [6/24/13-6/30/13]

Engineering played a major role this week coming in at almost 40h (hours) for the combined team effort.  Both TLA and PHD were able to significantly surpass their weekly goal crushing the team total goal by 9.75h!  Production for the new work titled: URGENT is going slow but smooth and we are taking our time to ensure quality as always.  This is the final week for our current production report design and next week we will implement the new look and new tasks.  TLA was able to surpass PHD in total hours for JUNE but PHD still has a strong 33h lead for the year.  Nice work and well done, we will see if we can finish up URGENT soon!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

C2p 7 DAY UPDATE [6/17/13-6/23/13]

This was a very strong week for PHD crushing his goal of 30h (hours) and reaching 34.5h!  TLA was under his goal but was still able to bring in a strong 26h.  Audiodidacts have begun engineering the vocals for URGENT and will strive to complete them as soon as possible with a projected 16h of engineering based on current process and the time it took to engineer previous works.  It would appear we will be struggling to launch this song in JUN'13 however it will launch without a doubt in July.  TLA was able to complete the new time trackers and 7 day reports, after this week there is one more to go and we launch the new format!  As of right now PHD has a 30h lead on TLA for the year, TLA has a 5h lead on PHD for the month of June.  Will TLA take the month or will PHD remain the winner for the third consecutive month?  Stay tuned, well done and thank you!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

C2p 7 DAY UPDATE [6/10/13-6/16/13]

With a combined total of 55.75h (hours) for the week, TLA & PHD were 4.25h shy of hitting their standard 60h goal.  Progress was achieved in the new Audiodidacts song titled: URGENT.  We were able to complete recordings for the final vocal and also the vocoding elements.  Editing is underway and engineering will begin next Saturday.  There are 22 tracks worth of vocal elements so engineering may take 8-16 hours to complete just for the vocal parts.  We may not be able to launch this song in JUN2013 but we will see if we can do it without reducing our standards in regard to quality.  TLA has completed the newly updated timecards that will be implemented in July.  I am working on the new layout for the 7 day report now and look to complete by 7/1/13.  Another great week of productions, thank you and see you next time!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

C2p 7 Day Update [6/3/13-6/9/13]

This was another fundamental week where more essential production tasks were fulfilled mainly in the recording area.  PHD reached 700h (hours) for the year and we approached 60% completion of the final vocals for work titled: URGENT, the newest Audiodidacts exclusive single looking to launch this month Jun 2013.  This will also be the first dance track released through C2p since it's beginning days in late 1998.  It is a very fun track with much positive and uplifting energy.  We have begun crafting new production trackers that look amazing and will be enjoyable to use as well.  We will also update the format of our weekly production numbers so watch for the new design beginning in July 2013.  Well done and see you next week!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

New URGENT news

We are aprox. 60% complete with recording final vocals for URGENT.  Graphic art for the exclusive launch this month is almost finished as well.  Audiodidacts TLA&PHD

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

C2p 7 Day Update [5/27/13-6/2/13]

We managed to surpass our team goal and continue our momentum during this most enjoyable week!  TLA's hours have been on a downward trend but this was projected, he has planned to begin reversing that trend effective immediately and we should begin to see a steady flow for hours put in near the 30h (hours) per week.  PHD has a 32 hour lead on TLA so far for the year posing a challenge to inspire productivity, as planned.  Unfortunately we were not able to reach our team goal for MAY'13 making this the second month in a row.  This is proof that we have finally chosen a feasible goal, 240h per month, 30h each per week.  I project we will surpass our team goal for JUN'13 plus launch the first dance track from C2p titled: URGENT, very fun and energetic!  Well done, see you next week!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

URGENT production

Completed engineering instruments, working on lyrical aspect of URGENT. Audiodidacts

Thursday, May 23, 2013

C2p Flash-Update

This week we were able to surpass our team goal thanks to PHD for surpassing his own goal and TLA reaching his.  We had the opportunity to work on, and complete, the arrangement of instruments for the new Audiodidacts (USA) dance song titled: URGENT. PHD is near completing the lyrical content for the song and next week we should begin rehearsals and finalize the lyrical arrangement.  TLA was able to compose a new dance beat for his upcoming dance album.  Both TLA and the Audiodidacts have completed 6 songs fully mastered and both artists are now on their 7th song.  The Audiodidacts (USA) do plan to finish and launch URGENT in JUNE 2013, but the launching of exclusive singles immediately after they are mastered will come to a halt.  After URGENT we may launch only 2 more then enter what we call "Vault Mode" where we file and store completed works until their placement is allocated on an album and that album launches prior to any exclusive glimpses for any song in Vault Mode.  Well done and see you next week!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blue Rock [Exclusive Single] (Audio)

Here is our newest single, we have been working hard on this one for the past two months.  It is very unique and original, give it a listen!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

C2p WEEKLY UPDATE [4/8/13-4/14/13]

This week played a crucial role as it housed the first "extended weekday colab" which consisted of a 9h (hour) collaboration calculated to assist with bumping up production progress so we are on task to reach or surpass our goal of two album releases in 2014 from Cipher-Tu Productions.  TLA had a strong 33h for the week but was still 2h shy of his 35h goal.  PHD dominated the charts and rocked the spreadsheets with a 40h week, phenomenal and well done!!!  As a result of PHD's vehement diligence, we were able to surpass our team goal by 3h!  Work titled: "BLUE ROCK" is on track scheduled for an APRIL '13 launch coming in approximately two weeks.  TLA will finish up the graphic art for the exclusive web launch on youtube.  We should strive to obtain more pictures this week and we will utilize them for the montage on the youtube vid launch as we have been doing.  TLA is reaching the end of the tunnel for a long two months of production for one of his newest dance songs, "Hopefully it is not too much in regard to the mix but it is another fun one that is for certain."  Well, I love this, see you next week, thankful we have the opportunity to create our audio art form! Didact out!  TLA

Friday, April 5, 2013

Vocal Engineering Session

Audiodidacts live in studio engineering vocals for BLUE ROCK, optimization completed now linking and printing channels. TLA&PHD

Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/31/13 Collaboration

In studio with Nate North recording instruments for his new single titled: "EASTWOODS", projected launch late April '13. TLA & Nate North

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Audiodidacts Colab 3/30/13

Audiodidacts in studio, finishing up vocals for "Blue Rock". We will shift over to engineering once completed. TLA&PHD

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guessticulation (Instrumental/Beat) [Electronic/Dance] {Rough Mix} (Audio)

The first ever taste of the Electronica/Dance era to encompass C2p in 2014, watch out the edges are rough! TLA

First taste of C2p dance music

Tonight I plan to launch a basic rough arrangement of my newest dance beat "Guessticulation".The first public taste of C2p Dance. TLA

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Audiodidacts Engineering 3/9/13

Audiodidacts engineering instruments for work titled: Blue Rock. We have 8 hours in attempt to complete. TLA & PHD

Friday, March 8, 2013

Solo Colab

Solo in the studio lights pumping gear on making a new dance beat for the Audiodidacts, real hot in here, pit juices squirting. TLA

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Audiodidacts 3/3/13

The Audiodidacts are presently arranging and recording instruments for new song titled: Blue Rock. Launch intended 4 L8 MAR 2013. PHD & TLA

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stalk (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Rap/Electronic] (Audio)

This is one of the newest C2p compositions. The Audiodidacts (USA) are producing a song to this piece that will be titled: "Blue Rock", potential launch April 2013. TLA

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Production Standards

With the completion of our latest work titled: SLEEP, we have launched the original concept/demo and the completed final version.  When you compare the before and after, you can clearly hear the end result of our production process at work.  Currently we average 30-40 production hours per song for all completed works from start to finish.  TLA



Friday, February 22, 2013

TLA Extended Weekend Colab

Solo recording session importing patches for new dance song, utilizing midi to sync synth with mixer. TLA

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Audiodidacts Colab 2/22/13

Audiodidacts in studio engineering work titled SLEEP. Re-sampling vocal elements via KAOSS pad. TLA & PHD

Monday, February 18, 2013

Status Blog 2/18/13

Audiodidacts adding final touches to SLEEP, TLA arranging and writing new dance song. Dual completion projected FEB2013. TLA

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Production Status 2/10/13

I am currently networking and will turn on the synth to resume dance album productions in one hour. TLA

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2/9/13 C2p Collaboration

Established some lyrical content for a new TLA dance album song. A bit dirty to say the least. TLA

Thursday, February 7, 2013

TLA Dance Album Update

Began sequencing two new TLA dance album tracks, one is almost ready for concept arrangement. TLA

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TLA@C2p Update 2/6/13

Cleaned up networking & imaging queues, ready to enter the lab and create for the rest of the week. TLA

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nate North Colab 2/3/13

Sequencing a new hiphop beat with/for Nate North. This one is hard and deadly knocks well.  TLA & Nate North

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Audiodidacts editing & engineering vocals for work titled: SLEEP, a PHD composition. Potential launch L8 FEB 2013. TLA & PHD

Monday, January 28, 2013


AUDIODIDACTS UPDATE: We have captured the final vocal elements for work titled: SLEEP. Editing and engineering imminent. TLA & PHD

Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21/13 Colab (TLA)

Final balancing and mastering of all audio elements for the 5th TLA dance song in play right now, fixation imminent. TLA

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vocal Session 1/19/13

Audiodidacts in colab rehearsing vocals in attempt to record finals for work titled: SLEEP. TLA & PHD

Friday, January 18, 2013

Audiodidacts Update

Audiodidacts in colab creating new composition on synth, hard hitting hiphop feel, uplifting and strong. This Saturday more rehearsals and potential final vocal recordings for work titled: SLEEP. Projected completion and launch by FEB 1st.  TLA & PHD

Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/13/13 Colab

Engineering newly added instruments to 5th dance album song. Next is develop additional lyrical content. TLA

Saturday, January 12, 2013

1/12/13 Colab

Audiodidacts in colab recording rehearsal vocals for new song titled: SLEEP, a PHD composition. TLA

TLA Dance Album Update

I just mastered the fourth work for the TLA dance album.  Projected album launch 2014.  I am in the middle of production for the 5th dance song and have set a goal to have it mastered prior to February 2013.  TLA