Wednesday, June 26, 2013

C2p 7 DAY UPDATE [6/17/13-6/23/13]

This was a very strong week for PHD crushing his goal of 30h (hours) and reaching 34.5h!  TLA was under his goal but was still able to bring in a strong 26h.  Audiodidacts have begun engineering the vocals for URGENT and will strive to complete them as soon as possible with a projected 16h of engineering based on current process and the time it took to engineer previous works.  It would appear we will be struggling to launch this song in JUN'13 however it will launch without a doubt in July.  TLA was able to complete the new time trackers and 7 day reports, after this week there is one more to go and we launch the new format!  As of right now PHD has a 30h lead on TLA for the year, TLA has a 5h lead on PHD for the month of June.  Will TLA take the month or will PHD remain the winner for the third consecutive month?  Stay tuned, well done and thank you!


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