Wednesday, August 14, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [8/5/13-8/11/13]

Here we had one of those standard weeks of engineering where 34.5h (hours) was invested to strengthening the quality of our product.  C2p was successful in completing the engineering of the initial instruments for two works (songs).  A TLA dance song and an Audiodidacts song are currently in the process of being produced.  We  look to complete both songs this month however, as mentioned in previous weekly updates, we will not be releasing any more music for a while and our promotions will be very low, if any, until our full length album is ready to launch.  A special kudos goes to PHD for holding down the networking aspect with each week!  Next week we look forward to practicing our lyrical performance for the new Audiodidacts song, we have some new gear to help us with analyzation and muscle memory in assuming the archetypal gestures (i.e. holding the dynamic mic in hand as is done on stage).  Let us continue, see you next time!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Process (RHY's 0->1) [Dynamics Settings]

It has been determined that our use of compression has been a bit bolder than we would like so today I have been assessing the situation as I work on engineering some RHY's.  In order to ensure that we are not over utilizing the compression tool, it is requested that the following process be put into play immediately.

1) When engineering RHY's 0->1, utilize doubling, dynamics and a graphic eq.  If you run out of graphic eq's do to the amount of tracks to be printed, simply apply doubling and dynamics for the print (usually there are two tracks left without a graphic eq for the first print.).

2) For the dynamics, keep the ratio at the lemniscate (infinite, 00) and attack at 0.  To find the appropriate release level, set the thresh to a bold setting such as -15db and ride the release pot to find the right setting.  When the release setting is chosen, THEN *set the thresh to a level >= -5db (greater than or equal to -5db where -6db is less than).  We will NEVER set the thresh level less then -5db (ie -5.1, -6,-7,-8,etc) unless there is a production need to do so in order to achieve a desired result beyond this new standards realm of capability.

3) The GR meter will not be utilized in the same manner as we have been using it for, from here on out the GR meter should NOT display ANY signal whatsoever.  If the thresh has been set to an appropriate setting (*within the criteria described in step #2), and the GR meter IS showing movement, we will need to reduce the thresh until there is NO movement in the GR meter.  (There will be situations where the GR meter may display movement and a decision is made to proceed, operator discretion is advised and granted but the standard has been set as a general rule of thumb, thus no blanket statements yet again.)

RECAP, we will go over this in the studio as well because this may seem a bit confusing from a readers standpoint.  Basically when we engineer RHY's from steps 0 through 1, we will utilize the dynamics but never set the thresh below -5db to ensure integrity of sound while still achieving the desired positive effects the compressor has to offer.

Please reply with any questions or concerns you may have in regard to this new modification to our process.  This is something we have talked about time and again and I think this enhancement will bring us closer to the direction we want to go in, ensuring we are not destroying the quality of our works by over utilizing the compressor.

Thank you for your time!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/29/13-8/4/13]

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/29/13-8/4/13]

We have successfully completed yet another standard week in audio production!  The team totaled 61.75h (hours) averaging a strong 8.82h per day!  Our goal continues to remain at 30h per person and we look to continue this goal for some time.  TLA has begun a new solo dance song and the Audiodidacts have begun their 8th work as an official group.  Once we have completed launching the remaining audio videos of Urgent, we will refrain from launching any more exclusive singles until we have completed our first album.  Engineering was the chief task of the week even though sequencing was projected to be the leader.  Next week we look to venture into more engineering duties with two instrumentals in the process of being engineered.  We are approaching our 1000h for the year soon and we may hit that number before September!  Well done and great fun, see you next time!