Tuesday, July 30, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/22/13-7/28/13]

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/22/13-7/28/13]

This week in production reflects the type of numbers we strive to see with every week, consistent and slightly above goal.  Both PHD & TLA surpassed their goals and the team reached a total of 62.75h (hours) achieving a combined average of 8.96 hours per day!  Sequencing was the major task consumer allocating 33% of our duties executed.  We were successful in arranging the instruments for our newest Audiodidacts song (name and content confidential per vault mode in preparation for the upcoming debut album yet to be named officially).  We were also successful in completing a recording session of the instruments from the synth into the mixer.  We have picked up some new tricks in navigation and editing (e.g. phrase divide), and we have also attested to the fact that our process feels more efficient and streamlined, an ever evolving improvement felt throughout each week.  For the first C2p dance album currently in production, TLA was able to finish up basic sequencing for a new dance song, a basic arrangement has been burned and will be studied prior to programming the official arrangement.  Well this was another great week and I am looking forward to the next one.  Well done and thank you!


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