Wednesday, June 19, 2013

C2p 7 DAY UPDATE [6/10/13-6/16/13]

With a combined total of 55.75h (hours) for the week, TLA & PHD were 4.25h shy of hitting their standard 60h goal.  Progress was achieved in the new Audiodidacts song titled: URGENT.  We were able to complete recordings for the final vocal and also the vocoding elements.  Editing is underway and engineering will begin next Saturday.  There are 22 tracks worth of vocal elements so engineering may take 8-16 hours to complete just for the vocal parts.  We may not be able to launch this song in JUN2013 but we will see if we can do it without reducing our standards in regard to quality.  TLA has completed the newly updated timecards that will be implemented in July.  I am working on the new layout for the 7 day report now and look to complete by 7/1/13.  Another great week of productions, thank you and see you next time!


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