Wednesday, June 26, 2013

C2p 7 DAY UPDATE [6/17/13-6/23/13]

This was a very strong week for PHD crushing his goal of 30h (hours) and reaching 34.5h!  TLA was under his goal but was still able to bring in a strong 26h.  Audiodidacts have begun engineering the vocals for URGENT and will strive to complete them as soon as possible with a projected 16h of engineering based on current process and the time it took to engineer previous works.  It would appear we will be struggling to launch this song in JUN'13 however it will launch without a doubt in July.  TLA was able to complete the new time trackers and 7 day reports, after this week there is one more to go and we launch the new format!  As of right now PHD has a 30h lead on TLA for the year, TLA has a 5h lead on PHD for the month of June.  Will TLA take the month or will PHD remain the winner for the third consecutive month?  Stay tuned, well done and thank you!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

C2p 7 DAY UPDATE [6/10/13-6/16/13]

With a combined total of 55.75h (hours) for the week, TLA & PHD were 4.25h shy of hitting their standard 60h goal.  Progress was achieved in the new Audiodidacts song titled: URGENT.  We were able to complete recordings for the final vocal and also the vocoding elements.  Editing is underway and engineering will begin next Saturday.  There are 22 tracks worth of vocal elements so engineering may take 8-16 hours to complete just for the vocal parts.  We may not be able to launch this song in JUN2013 but we will see if we can do it without reducing our standards in regard to quality.  TLA has completed the newly updated timecards that will be implemented in July.  I am working on the new layout for the 7 day report now and look to complete by 7/1/13.  Another great week of productions, thank you and see you next time!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

C2p 7 Day Update [6/3/13-6/9/13]

This was another fundamental week where more essential production tasks were fulfilled mainly in the recording area.  PHD reached 700h (hours) for the year and we approached 60% completion of the final vocals for work titled: URGENT, the newest Audiodidacts exclusive single looking to launch this month Jun 2013.  This will also be the first dance track released through C2p since it's beginning days in late 1998.  It is a very fun track with much positive and uplifting energy.  We have begun crafting new production trackers that look amazing and will be enjoyable to use as well.  We will also update the format of our weekly production numbers so watch for the new design beginning in July 2013.  Well done and see you next week!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

New URGENT news

We are aprox. 60% complete with recording final vocals for URGENT.  Graphic art for the exclusive launch this month is almost finished as well.  Audiodidacts TLA&PHD

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

C2p 7 Day Update [5/27/13-6/2/13]

We managed to surpass our team goal and continue our momentum during this most enjoyable week!  TLA's hours have been on a downward trend but this was projected, he has planned to begin reversing that trend effective immediately and we should begin to see a steady flow for hours put in near the 30h (hours) per week.  PHD has a 32 hour lead on TLA so far for the year posing a challenge to inspire productivity, as planned.  Unfortunately we were not able to reach our team goal for MAY'13 making this the second month in a row.  This is proof that we have finally chosen a feasible goal, 240h per month, 30h each per week.  I project we will surpass our team goal for JUN'13 plus launch the first dance track from C2p titled: URGENT, very fun and energetic!  Well done, see you next week!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

URGENT production

Completed engineering instruments, working on lyrical aspect of URGENT. Audiodidacts