Wednesday, July 17, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/8/13-7/14/13]

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/8/13-7/14/13]

Phenomenal!  With a combined 82.25h (hours), the team crushed their goal by 22.25h making this the strongest week so far for the year!  Both TLA and PHD surpassed their goals significantly.  PHD crushed his goal of 30h reaching 37h, TLA surpassed his goal of 30h reaching a crazy 45.25h and perhaps his best week of the year so far.  Also, PHD put in a staggering 21.25h in engineering for the week so kudos on the diligence in the art of mixing!  More time does not necessarily mean "better" per se', still our work this week was fruitful and beneficial.   We were finally able to complete URGENT (which the long time to finish was a bit awkward based on the name of the song!), this song is set to launch next week on all networking channels.  Next week we will begin a new Audiodidacts song but we may be entering what we call "Vault Mode" which basically means we will not be launching a song immediately after it is finished.  It is still unofficial but I am fairly certain we will begin to stack songs until a full length album is finished.  After all, we have talked a lot but still have no product.  The truth is that we invest aprox. 60 days of production on a song to ensure enhanced quality and also grants us the cherished experience in the art of our culture.  In the beginning we had a choice, either make 1000 songs or make 60 really good songs very well produced and engineered.  Clearly we chose the latter, and the album persists to not exist as a result of our work ethic and lack of man/woman power.  We are past halfway through completion of a new album and have a team goal to launch in 2014 regardless of the month, we will give it what we got!  Thank you and see you on the next one!


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