Thursday, October 10, 2013

Audiodidacts Update 10/10/13

Well PHD and myself have invested over three months into our present song currently in production.  The work titled: CONTROL is one of our finest pieces of audio organization to date for both he and I.  We were not going to launch any more songs until our album, but based on the massive quality of this work, we have decided to launch this one more song prior to silencing ourselves until a full length album has been completed.  This next launch of the song titled: CONTROL will be our final launch in 2013 and will include a releasing of all masters including the before production demos.  The difference from demo to completion with this song is so amazing, again perhaps one of our greatest pieces of audio production to date.  I composed the beat, PHD wrote the lyrics, and both of us did absolutely everything else from the ground up (except make the audio gear we used).  NO SAMPLES, all original unique style hard to label as any one genre, watch for links to this song coming this Halloween, I plan to launch the original mix after I watch curse of Chucky, real talk.  Thank you, stay tuned!


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