Saturday, October 19, 2013



The month of September was the lightest month in regard to production hours completed.  With a combined total of 200h (hours) completed, this is the lowest month total in over 14 months of our tracking.  The most recent low month was November 2012 with 222h, still that was significantly higher then September of this year (2013).  There has been a bit of wear and tear from a spiritual/engery standpoint and we have decided to reduce our monthly goal from 240h to 220h to ensure a healthy production ambience and that the wear and tear of working too much does not bleed into our finalized art form.  The Audiodidacts (PHD & TLA) are still working very diligently on work titled: CONTROL.  From inception up to completion and launch projected to occur on 10/31/13, the production life time of this work would be nearly 4 months which is the longest amount of time we have ever invested in any of our songs (going from memory on this one but I am sure I would have remembered anything that took longer.)  This one song took more time to make then a full mix tape would have (or nearly 15 "THE DOORS" albums)!  We encourage all who read this to set the date and take a listen, the song will blow your mind.  We will release all masters on youtube soon after the original is published around 5:00 p.m. CST (i.e. trick-or-treat time).  We will also launch the initial demo to illustrate the "before & after" difference of our production process here at Cipher-Tu Productions.  On another project note, TLA is still stuck in an extended pause when it comes to the dance album.  Officially the album is 50% complete or i.e. half of the tracks that will be on the album are fully mastered with multiple masters for various project placements.  I do wish to complete two more songs that merely need vocal elements and some final touches, hopefully I will be able to complete the two songs by end of 2013.  I will strive hard to release the dance album in 2014 however I am starting to think a 2015 launch would be more feasible.  WHAT?!?  Oh hell yes I will go 6 years into an album from inception to completion!  All for now, tootleyfriggindooskies and see you on the next one!!!

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