Thursday, May 23, 2013

C2p Flash-Update

This week we were able to surpass our team goal thanks to PHD for surpassing his own goal and TLA reaching his.  We had the opportunity to work on, and complete, the arrangement of instruments for the new Audiodidacts (USA) dance song titled: URGENT. PHD is near completing the lyrical content for the song and next week we should begin rehearsals and finalize the lyrical arrangement.  TLA was able to compose a new dance beat for his upcoming dance album.  Both TLA and the Audiodidacts have completed 6 songs fully mastered and both artists are now on their 7th song.  The Audiodidacts (USA) do plan to finish and launch URGENT in JUNE 2013, but the launching of exclusive singles immediately after they are mastered will come to a halt.  After URGENT we may launch only 2 more then enter what we call "Vault Mode" where we file and store completed works until their placement is allocated on an album and that album launches prior to any exclusive glimpses for any song in Vault Mode.  Well done and see you next week!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blue Rock [Exclusive Single] (Audio)

Here is our newest single, we have been working hard on this one for the past two months.  It is very unique and original, give it a listen!