Saturday, September 28, 2013



This report marks the first of the "Monthly" reports we will be posting in regard to our production hours for each month.  We decided to navigate away from our usual "Weekly" reporting due to the amount of time needed to compile and implement based on our current technology and techniques.  The monthly reporting will allow us to invest more time into developing our products.  We will strive to launch a report for each month within the first week of the month to follow, this is mostly just to allow us to keep an eye on our progress and set goals while giving you a technical perspective of our invested time and how it is dispersed over multiple tasks associated with the art of audio production.  For August 2013, we paid heavy dues in the areas of recording and engineering.  Audiodidacts continue to develop their latest song which has been, since it's inception, a two month journey.  "The standards are higher and thus we must work harder in each area of our production process to ensure that the quality we so desire is not only attainable, but readily available to be heard and observed by anyone listening to any of our works."  The TLA dance album has been rather slow to develop, however two works with recently engineered beats will make fine contributions and the album is 60% complete.  We look to complete 2-3 works in October 2013 for C2p as a whole. Two albums still pending (TLA & Audiodidacts), the projected releases are to come some time in 2014, sorry but this will be in stone once finalized so it must all be just right, "There ain't a knob for it once it is mastered" [source: some audio engineer somewhere].  Heres to another wonderful fall (cling, sip, gulp), take care and see you next time!  Oh and a special shot out to PHD for sticking with me and the label even though I can be a bit of a fruit at times, just trying to be a unique artist like M0rris0n, but without the stealing of poetry, thank you!

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