Sunday, July 28, 2013

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/15/13-7/21/13]

C2p WEEKLY REPORT [7/15/13-7/21/13]

This week was a bit of a struggle in regard to reaching our team goal which we were shy of by just 1.75h (hours).  A strong 53h for the week was tracked and we finally launched the long awaited work titled: URGENT.  We also began our journey sequencing the instruments for our newest Audiodidacts song.  TLA has also begun a journey in sequencing a new dance song as well.  We will refrain from announcing new song names in current production and also take a step back from launching exclusive singles for a while so we will still have a bunch of fresh tracks when the album is launched some time in 2014.  Great fun and well done, see you on the next one!


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