Sunday, July 21, 2013

C2p YEARLY REPORT [7/1/2012-6/30/2013]

C2p YEARLY REPORT [7/1/2012-6/30/2013]

This was an outstanding year for audio production!  The team (TLA & PHD) logged a grand total of 3,178h (hours) crushing their yearly goal by 550h!  During this time period we were able to complete 4 TLA dance songs, 4 Audiodidacts songs and also finish up some new exclusives totaling 4 songs to make a grand total of 12 tracks!  We have also been evolving our process with each work.  Our current standards are very efficient but still we manage to make improvements continuously to how we go about our productions.  Our attention to quality is very high and we have invested much time in each production aspect in order to ensure a strong final result.  As we can see in the numbers, our engineering task takes up the majority of our time so we will focus on that area to see if we can ween out any redundancies in our process and try to enhance the turn around time for our duties within engineering.  Still though with the demands of engineering being so high, it is not unusual to see a 26% allocation of this task and the multitude of duties within.  I think if we can strive to try and keep our time in engineering under 25% as a future yearly goal will be reasonable however we must ensure quality is never sacrificed and we do not skip over and leave stones left unturned.  Kudos to the team for it's continued diligence and vehement dedication to the culture and experience of this journey.  Thank you for this wonderful saga and you are all appreciated!  See you next time!


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