Tuesday, April 16, 2013

C2p WEEKLY UPDATE [4/8/13-4/14/13]

This week played a crucial role as it housed the first "extended weekday colab" which consisted of a 9h (hour) collaboration calculated to assist with bumping up production progress so we are on task to reach or surpass our goal of two album releases in 2014 from Cipher-Tu Productions.  TLA had a strong 33h for the week but was still 2h shy of his 35h goal.  PHD dominated the charts and rocked the spreadsheets with a 40h week, phenomenal and well done!!!  As a result of PHD's vehement diligence, we were able to surpass our team goal by 3h!  Work titled: "BLUE ROCK" is on track scheduled for an APRIL '13 launch coming in approximately two weeks.  TLA will finish up the graphic art for the exclusive web launch on youtube.  We should strive to obtain more pictures this week and we will utilize them for the montage on the youtube vid launch as we have been doing.  TLA is reaching the end of the tunnel for a long two months of production for one of his newest dance songs, "Hopefully it is not too much in regard to the mix but it is another fun one that is for certain."  Well, I love this, see you next week, thankful we have the opportunity to create our audio art form! Didact out!  TLA

Friday, April 5, 2013

Vocal Engineering Session

Audiodidacts live in studio engineering vocals for BLUE ROCK, optimization completed now linking and printing channels. TLA&PHD