Sunday, October 28, 2012

C2p Update 10/28/12

Thankfully we here at Cipher-Tu Productions (TLA, PHD & NATE NORTH) have been granted uninterrupted productions for the last 10 months.  Our production techniques have been brushed up and revitalized.  We are thankful to observe our own evolution of fine tuning techniques with each passing week.  Last night, we, under the newly assumed "Audiodidacts" group name, have successfully completed another song.  The work titled: "Stars" sounds simply wonderful and is the culmination of the the past 10 months (atop a 14 year culmination) of autodidactism in audio production.  We look forward to bring you this new piece within 72 hours.  Thank you to those who are currently following us, if you have yet to check us out please give it a shot.  If you feel you already know us and our style, we evolve, see where we are at now...TLA

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