Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ha Ha (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Rap] (Audio)

Work Titled: Ha Ha (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Rap], Album: Not Allocated, Composer: TLA, I made this beat on the Korg Triton Studio back in 2011, un-engineered with a basic arrangement recorded on the fly.  If anybody out there wants to try and make something with this beat, give it a shot and let me hear what you got!  Do a video response if possible.  Sucka-free!!! No bitchass audio branding every 30 seconds, that's all love for them mixtapes out there!!!  This beat is proudly 100% original with NO samples stolen from the music industries past hits in attempt to solidify my own success, real shit.  All sounds were included in the Korg Triton synth and patterns were created, played and recorded in realtime...TLA (C)&(P)2011, All Rights Reserved

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